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Statistics Prove 10-Meters And CW Are Alive And Well

Statistics taken from the 2011 Kiritimati and Marquesas DXpeditions prove 10-Meters and CW are still very popular. How popular you ask?

Out of the record smashing 213,169 contacts made by T32C, nearly half of them were in Morse Code!

No. Really. Take a look for yourself…

Total QSOs: 213,169
CW QSOs: 102,216
10-Meter QSOs: 37,091

Total QSOs: 87,469
CW QSOs: 38,618
10-Meter QSOs: 10,907

If you think thats amazing you should click the links to see what the rest of the statistics show. I guarantee many of you will be just as surprised as I was – if not more so – especially with the PSK31 vs RTTY stats.

TX7M Finale…















Was able to get the new antenna functional just enough to snag TX7M on 15-meters. They’re likely to go QRT tomorrow to begin packing for their return trip. I was hoping to catch them on 17-meters as well but just didnt hear them.

Oh well…

Next goal, ZK2X and to finish this antenna.

TX7M Confirmed!















There are only 8 days left to try and log TX7M from Marquesas. Somehow I managed to miss this crew that has been operating from the island since October 19th. Between T32C wrapping up their DXpedition this Wednesday and ZK2X just starting their operation from Niue I’m seriously gonna have to try and put up the dipole someplace and work them on as many freqs as possible. *sigh* If only I had digital capabilities.

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