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Statistics Prove 10-Meters And CW Are Alive And Well

Statistics taken from the 2011 Kiritimati and Marquesas DXpeditions prove 10-Meters and CW are still very popular. How popular you ask?

Out of the record smashing 213,169 contacts made by T32C, nearly half of them were in Morse Code!

No. Really. Take a look for yourself…

Total QSOs: 213,169
CW QSOs: 102,216
10-Meter QSOs: 37,091

Total QSOs: 87,469
CW QSOs: 38,618
10-Meter QSOs: 10,907

If you think thats amazing you should click the links to see what the rest of the statistics show. I guarantee many of you will be just as surprised as I was – if not more so – especially with the PSK31 vs RTTY stats.

T32C Continued…


















Went back out to my spot this afternoon and used the CB antenna hooked up to the SGC SG-211 Antenna Tuner Unit and logged T32C on 15-Meters. The DXpedition ends on Wednesday, I’m tempted to take my homebrewed 200-foot long dipole out to some place even more secluded and see if I cant secure the other ‘phone’ bands.

More T32C Fun…


Stayin’ true to the QRP gospel I set out to contact T32C on Christmas Island using 10-Meters FM and accomplished said goal.

T32C Confirmed!

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Worked them with 5 watts from the FT-817 and a 11-Meter mag mount whip. Thats right, a CB antenna…

Dont ever let someone tell you QRP doesnt work!

T32C Christmas Island DXpedition

“With two weeks still to go, T32C now has over 100k QSOs in the log, including 22k with Europe (and 23k with Asia), our target area.
As the JA and US pile-ups continue to diminish, we hope the percentage of EU will increase. However, the decline in solar activity since we first started has not helped. That said, we are on track to set at least a few new records.

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