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SOS Radio Week

Amateur Radio enthusiasts from all over the UK and Ireland will be broadcasting to raise money for the RNLI’s biggest annual fundraising event, RNLI SOS Day.

SOS Radio Week is taking place from 21 – 29 January and is open to all Amateur Radio enthusiasts who will be talking to like-minded people from around the world.

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PSK2K – A New Meteorscatter Mode By DJ5HG

PSK2K is a meteor scatter mode that enables multiple contacts to take place on a single frequency.

PSK2k is high speed meteor scatter software written by Klaus DJ5HG (Prof. of Computer Science at University Hamburg). It allows 2 way MS QSO’s to be conducted with any suitable transceiver/PC/soundcard combination.

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Amateur Radio World Prefix Maps

Amateur Radio World Prefix Maps in full colour with great detail, brand new.

Large 39″ x 27″ Amateur Radio World Prefix Map, a perfect size for the shack wall.

The maps are excellent quality, they are NEW and unused..

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