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Why Uncle Sam Is Saying Goodbye To Double A Batteries

The age of the “double A” battery as the battery of choice for portable electronics may be nearing an end as the U.S. Army extends the reach of advanced communications systems all the way down to the boots on the ground.

Defending Against Side-Channel Attacks – Part 2

3.1 Background
As smart mobile devices become ubiquitous, many applications requiring a high degree of security are being ported to the devices. Banking, mobile payments, stock trading, and digital rights management of downloaded content are all examples of applications requiring secure connections and the use of cryptographic keys. As the examples in this section show, however, many mobile devices currently in use do not contain side-channel protections. Hence, these devices are often extremely vulnerable to side-channel attacks, often from data collection occurring several yards away.

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Defending Against Side-Channel Attacks – Part I

1. Introduction 
Cryptography is a fundamental building block for securing systems and communications and is widely deployed in embedded systems used for commercial and defense applications. Basic cryptographic operations such as encryption/decryption, message-authentication and digital signatures rely on secret keys that must be kept securely within a device and protected from disclosure. Modern cryptographic algorithms, when used with appropriate-sized keys, are designed to resist all known attacks where the attacker can observe (or manipulate) the inputs or outputs of the algorithm, but does have any other information about the secret key or about the execution of the algorithm.

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