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US Eyes Phase-Out Of Old Telephone Network

America’s plain old telephone network is rapidly being overtaken by new technology, putting US regulators in a quandary over how to manage the final stages of transformation.

FCC Creates Toll Free Number To Report Cellphone and GPS Jamming

(ARNewsline) The FCC wants your help in locating anyone who is using a cellular telephone or GPS jamming device and to do this the Commission’s Enforcement Bureau has launched a dedicated jammer tip line at 1-855-55-NOJAM or 1-855-556-6526. This, to make it easier for the public to report the use or sale of illegal cell phone, GPS or other signal jammers.

As has been said many times before, it is against the law to use, import, advertise, sell or ship a cellular telephone or GPS jammer or any other type of device that blocks, jams or interferes with authorized communications, whether on private or public property. As such, members of the public are being asked to call the FCC’s toll free Jammer Tip Line immediately if you are aware of the ongoing use of a cell, GPS, or other signal jammer. Also please call if an employer operates a jammer in a workplace; you observe a jammer in operation at a school or college; you observe an advertisement for a jammer at a local store or you observe a jammer being operated on your local bus, train or other mass transit system.

One warning. This number is only for use to report cellphone or GPS jamming devices. Please do not call it to report that your favorite repeater is being jammed or that your QSO on 20 meters is being interfered with. Those matters will not be handled on this telephone line and will be of no interest to those taking cellphone or GPS jamming device calls.

Once again, the number where to report the use of cellphone or GPS jamming is 1-855-55-NOJAM or 1-855-556-6526. And calling that number is toll free. (FCC)

New Rules For The Amateur Radio Service 60-Meter Band

The Federal Communications Commission has adopted new rules for the 60-meter amateur radio band.

Per FCC 11-171 adopted November 16th, 2011

  • 5368 kHz (Channel 3) has been changed to 5358.5 kHz (Channel 3)
  • ERP has been increased from 50-watts PEP to 100-watts PEP
  • CW, PSK31 & PACTOR III are now allowed in addition to Phone
With these new rules amateur radio operators must remember we are still secondary users on the 60-meters band and it is still intended for use as a backup to 80-meters & 40-meters during times of emergency. We must also remember to use as little transmit power as possible and maintain a bandwidth of 2.8kHz or less to prevent interference to primary users. Failure to do so will lead to the band being taken away from us.

ReconRobotics Pays $17,500 to End FCC Investigation of Rules Violations

(ARRL) On Wednesday, July 13, the FCC announced that its Enforcement Bureau and ReconRobotics have entered into a Consent Decree. This resolves an FCC investigation in response to a complaint filed by the ARRL. In 2010, the ARRL alleged that ReconRobotics had violated Section 302a(b) of the Communications Act of 1934 as amended and Section 2.803 of the Commission’s rules regarding the manufacturing, marketing, distributing and selling of radio frequency transmitters. In the complaint the ARRL alleged that ReconRobotics had unlawfully marketed the Recon Scout — a remote-controlled, maneuverable surveillance robot operating in the 430-448 MHz band — to public safety agencies and certain security personnel prior to the grant of a necessary waiver. The FCC granted a waiver to ReconRobotics in 2010 allowing public safety licensees to operate the device in a portion of the 70cm band. To date, no license applications have been granted by the Commission for the device and the ARRL has petitioned to deny all applications filed.

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FCC Issues Citation To Canadian Company

On July 6, the FCC issued a Citation to New Generation Hobbies of Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada, for marketing unauthorized radio frequency devices in the United States that operate on restricted frequencies. This is in violation of Section 302(b) of the Communications Act and Sections 2.803 and15.205(a) of the FCC’s rules. In the Citation, the FCC advised New Generation Hobbies to “take immediate steps to come into compliance and to avoid any recurrence of this misconduct. As explained [in the Citation] and as provided in the Communications Act, future violations of the Rules in this regard may subject [the] company to substantial monetary penalties, seizure of equipment and criminal sanctions.”

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National EAS Test Scheduled For November 9th

Members of the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Communications Commission announced at a recent FCC meeting that the National Emergency Alert System Test will take place November 9th at 2pm EST. Though the date is firm one question that has yet to be answered is has a FIPS/SAME code been issued yet?

NWR SAME provides in a digital format specific, timely information on the nature and location of a threat to the safety of those most immediately at risk from severe weather or other hazards.  Its greatest value is to significantly improve the automatic selection and distribution of messages about events that threaten people and/or property.  The main purpose of SAME is to facilitate entry of critical information into the National Emergency Alert System (EAS).  The SAME six digit identification format allows listeners and EAS participants to filter NWR broadcast of warnings and emergency alerts to receive for subsequent action only messages and information for their selected geographic areas.  SAME is used to activate the EAS and to activate specific SAME capable NWR receivers.  This format allows listeners and EAS participants to reduce the number of perceived “false” warnings and number of unwanted notifications received in unaffected localities within a large/regional alert or warning broadcast area (warnings and alerts that are outside the receiver’s selected area(s) of concern or that do not match the “listener’s selected SAME geographic area(s), message, event and/or information type codes programmed into the receiver).  An additional application of SAME includes automatic system turn “on”.

There is some speculation the unofficial nationwide ‘000000’ code will be used however there is some equipment compatibility concerns. This concern has led many to believe the DC FIPS/SAME code ‘011001’ may also be used. Until an official press release is issued by DHS or NOAA, users should program both of the above codes as well as their local code to prevent missed alerts.

Official List Of NWR FIPS/SAME Codes

FCC Takes Strong Stance Against Radio Jamming, Issues $24,000 Fine to California Man

(ARRL) On June 6, the FCC issued a Forfeiture Order in the amount of $24,000 against Kevin W. Bondy of Encino, California, for engaging in unlicensed radio operation and intentional interference to licensed radio operations and for refusing to allow an inspection of his radio equipment by FCC personnel. Bondy — licensee of General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) Station WQGX75 — is accused of repeatedly and intentionally jamming four land mobile frequencies assigned to The Oaks Shopping Center in Thousand Oaks, California.

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FCC Issues Citation to Illinois Company for Illegal Marketing of Unauthorized Radio Frequency Devices

(ARRL) On June 2, the FCC issued a Citation to Gary L. Stanford — doing business as Spark Gap CB Shop in Lincoln, Illinois — for “marketing in the United States unauthorized radio frequency devices and external radio frequency power amplifiers.” This is in violation of section 302(b) of the Communications Act, and Sections 2.803(a)(1) (marketing of radio frequency devices prior to equipment authorization) and 2.815(b) (external radio frequency power amplifiers) of the Commission’s rules.

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