I think I may have found the freqs we have all been looking for when the military does their training ops in the Western San Fernando Valley. A few years ago the Southern California Airspace Users Working Group coordinated with the FAA and came up with a group of frequencies for aircraft to use in designated training areas. If you have bought a sectional chart recently you may have noticed some of these freqs displayed over Santa Clarita, Simi Valley, Long Beach and other areas around Southern California. The SCAUWG has a list of these practice area frequencies and charts available for viewing on their website.


If you dont feel like viewing their page here are the freqs listed.
01. 122.7750 Santa Paula
02. 122.7750 Simi Valley
03. 122.7750 Santa Clarita
04. 121.9500 Palos Verdes
05. 121.9500 Long Beach
06. 123.3000 Santa Fe Springs
07. 123.3000 La Habra
08. 123.3000 Redlands
09. 123.3000 Cajon Pass
10. 123.5000 John Wayne
11. 123.5000 El Toro
12. 123.5000 Blockhouse
13. 123.5000 Lake Matthews

and if those come up blank try these

123.0250 Unicom | Air-Air
123.0500 Unicom | Air-Air | Heliports
123.4500 Air-Air Common
253.3000 Miramar Copters
253.6000 Miramar Copters
267.7000 HMM-161
303.0000 Air-Air Common
305.9000 Pendleton Copters
307.5000 HMLA-169 | HMLA-369
313.0000 HMM-163 | HMM-165 | HMM-166
359.5000 HMM-364