(ANS) Students at the Institute of Space Technology (IST) built Pakistan’s first CubeSat ICUBE-1. Like a number of new CubeSats its communications subsystem is capable of acting as an “AO-16 mode” FM to DSB transponder.

The IARU amateur satellite frequency coordination panel pages say that the VHF downlink will operate as a 1k2 BPSK beacon but has the capability of being configured as an FM-DSB transponder. A downlink on 145.947 MHz and an uplink on 435.060 MHz have been coordinated.

It is planned to have an imaging payload with a small low resolution CMOS sensor. The camera will be mounted on the Z+ face of the ICUBE and can take continental scale images.

ICUBE-1 is scheduled to be launched by Interorbital Systems.

ICUBE http://www.icube.org.pk/
Student Satellite Project http://www.ist.edu.pk/student_satellite.html
Institute of Space Technology (IST) http://www.ist.edu.pk/

[ANS thanks the student cubesat teams and AMSAT-UK for the above information]