Its been a minute since I’ve posted any freqs so in this post I will be sharing what I consider are some must haves for the Santa Clarita Valley.

482.8625 CSQ LASD Dispatch 5

483.1125 CSQ LASD L-Tac 8

045.7000 C186.2 CHP Tan SCV & AV Dispatch

470.5375 C151.4 LACFD Blue 8 Countywide Dispatch
470.4875 C151.4 LACFD Blue 12 SCV & AV Command Channel
154.3400 C151.4 LACFD Tac 18 SCV Primary Tactical
154.4000 C151.4 LACFD Tac 19 Air Operations

172.3750 C103.5 ANF Forest Net
164.9375 C103.5 ANF Admin Net

451.9250 C100.0 AMR SCV Dispatch

860.9875 C110.9 CALTRANS Operations

160.5450 CSQ Metrolink Ventura/Valley Sub

471.1000 C118.8 Santa Clarita Transit

121.5000 CSQ Aviation Emergency Channel ‘Guard’
123.0250 CSQ Helicopters Air to Air
123.4500 CSQ Aircraft Air to Air

As I mentioned before in a previous post I am in the process of updating my lists so stay tuned for their re-release on June 21st.
There are many freqs you will recognize but I promise there are also several new freqs you will not find anywhere else.