Made another trip over to the mall and hung out for a bit, got my walk on. Had lunch in the food court and noticed a considerable amount of co-channel interference from the shopping centers on adjacent corners. Caught a couple more freqs and made some new notations on some old ones.

464.8250 | D025 | Security Dispatch
464.3250 | D432 | Security Tac
464.4250 | D627 | Housekeeping
464.5875 | D311 | Engineering
464.4500 | D411 | Parking Garage Security*
451.7875 | D411 | Parking Garage Maintenance**
462.4000 | D411 | Property Management***
467.8750 | CSQ | Paging
467.8750 | D432 | Borders
461.3875 | D265 | Macys Loss Prevention
467.9250 | D743 | Victoria’s Secret

452.0375 Licensed to W-VTC, nothing heard yet
452.0625 Licensed to W-VTC, nothing heard yet
452.1125 Licensed to W-VTC, nothing heard yet
452.1375 Licensed to W-VTC, nothing heard yet
458.0125 Licensed to W-VTC, nothing heard yet
461.1625 | C67.0 | Not a repeater as previously thought, but it is a store
467.2250 | D365 |
467.8125 | C67.0 |
467.8500 | C173.8 | This is licensed to The Gap and Charlotte Russe, both located at W-VTC just a few feet from each other.
467.8750 | D712 |
154.5700 | C74.4 | The only time this signal was full scale was while sitting in front of Macy’s and they were talking about selling more Gap gift cards, however, this is the same frequency and tone as Magic Mountain Channel 3.

*I noticed they no longer use contract guard services in the parking structures, they’re wearing Westfield patches and driving Westfield trucks and I have not heard security activity on this channel in a while, it might be a seasonal thing. I did hear other Ops like traffic on it today, so I will do another update when the holidays roll around.

**They’re calling this channel ‘Maintenance’ over the radio and though most of their work is on the elevators in the parking structure they do work in the main building as well.

***This is how its labeled on the license, usually all that’s heard is telemetry, they might still be using the D411 tone.