Decided to get up close and personal with the mall yesterday. I put my BC246T in Close Call mode and searched 151-152, 154-155 and 450-470 MHz. This is what I found after three hours of searching.

464.8250 | D025 | Security Dispatch
464.3250 | D432 | Security Tactical
464.4250 | D627 | Housekeeping
464.5875 | D311 | Engineering
464.4500 | D411 | Parking Garage Security
451.7875 | D411 | Parking Garage Maintenance
467.8750 | D432 | Borders Books
461.3875 | D265 | Macy’s Loss Prevention
467.9250 | D743 | Victoria’s Secret

452.0375 Licensed to WVTC, nothing heard
452.0625 Licensed to WVTC, nothing heard
452.1125 Licensed to WVTC, nothing heard
452.1375 Licensed to WVTC, nothing heard
458.0125 Licensed to WVTC, nothing heard
461.1625 Possible low power repeater, weak inside the mall, strong outside, lost one block away
462.4000 Licensed to WVTC, used in the past with a D411 tone by Ops, the last two years has been nothing but telemetry
467.2250 Licensed to Westfield, might be the new Operations channel
467.8750 In house paging, loud and clear inside main building, receivable on property only.

If you’re going to try this yourself be prepared to get hassled by security. Malls are built to make money and that’s all the owners and investors care about, if you’re not spending money expect to get thrown out. Ive been thrown off property twice, so yesterday I went covert. Here are a couple tips…

-Use in-ear bud earphones like those that come with mp3 players, they’re cheap and have good audio. Not only will they cut out the noise around you allowing you to hear the radio but with the radio in your pocket it looks like you are just listening to an mp3 player. Probably eliminates all chances of confrontation with security.

-Grab a lunch or something to drink, food courts are crowded and its harder to spot someone that looks suspicious when you’re shoveling food in your face. This allows you to pull out the radio and go through to see what you’ve collected so far.

-If you’re not hungry enough for a full lunch stop in mid-mall and grab an Orange Julius or a pretzel. I stopped for the Orange Julius yesterday and sat down on one of the couches and started to go through to see what I had collected when the scanner stopped on a freq I hadn’t collected yet. I listened for a minute or two to the ladies talking about womens undergarments, they kept mentioning “incredible bras”. Almost every store in the mall carried bras so im thinking great, how am I going to identify this one. Then as I glanced the store fronts, plastered right there in big bold lettering at Victoria’s Secret was ‘INCREDIBLE’. Apparently they’re promoting some new bra. So yeah, another one identified and I didn’t even have to get off the couch.

-Another thing I discovered with Victoria’s Secret and with Macy’s Loss Prevention was that the in store radios are very low power and you almost have to be right in front to listen. In most cases you will not be able to hear the individual stores while on the other side of the mall or in the food court. So take a pretzel or a beverage and give the illusion of window shopping. This will allow your scanner to search the specified bands you’ve set to search and give the Close Call feature time to lock on to something.